Igniting partnerships

Welcome to Kindling, the online forum for the Belgian Digital for Development platform (D4D-Be).
Kindling is a meeting place where partnerships are ignited between the private sector and actors in the
Belgian Development Cooperation (BDC).

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What is the D4D-Be platform?

The Digital for Development platform was initiated in September 2017 by the Belgian Development Cooperation and is coordinated by Agoria and Close the Gap. It was set up to facilitate better cooperation by creating an ecosystem that will bring together all stakeholders, projects and opportunities using digital for development.

The ultimate aim is to create new partnerships and build a bridge between the Belgian private sector and the development sector as we strive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The D4D platform is an extension of the strategic policy note on Digital for Development (D4D-Be) for the Belgian Development Cooperation.

Who will use the platform?

Companies from the private sector, government and non-governmental actors, academia and research groups, civil society representatives, informal groups or networks are all potential partners for D4D-Be.

Contact us

More information? Please contact Julie de Bergeyck via e-mail: julie.de.bergeyck@close-the-gap.org , or via phone at: +32 (0)474 997 116.